S.I.G.N. Foundation's eBay Auction Program 


The S.I.G.N. Foundation's eBay Auction Program is a new concept in the fundraising community. 

We have put together a program that will allow donor's to raise money for our charity by auctioning their items on eBay

Program Highlights:

  • We will help you auction your item on eBay
  • We will facilitate the process from the beginning to end for your convenience
  • We will keep you informed on the progress of your auction via email and a direct link to a website where you can view your auction on eBay

Why should you become part of The S.I.G.N. Foundation's eBay Auction Program?

The S.I.G.N. Foundation has been raising funds for students since 2004. We have the expertise and the knowledge required to raise funds for our programs.  The eBay Auction Program will allow you to easily auction your item on eBay at no cost.  The S.I.G.N. Foundation will:

  •  Handle all of the processing required to put your item up for bid
  •  We will deal with the questions asked from future buyers and
  •  We will also pack and ship your item if shipment is required

All we request from you is:

  • You provide a donation to The S.I.G.N. Foundation of $5 to auction an item on eBay*
  • You provide a donation to The S.I.G.N. Foundation of 35% of the auctioned price of your item when it sells on eBay*

I have an item I want to auction on eBay, how do I get started?

The process to start auctioning your items is simple.  Download the form below, fill it out and bring it to our office with your item.  You will be greeted by one of our Volunteers who will help you with listing your item for auction on eBay for The S.I.G.N. Foundation's eBay Auction Program. Please also review "What Does Sell Well On eBay" below.

 eBay Auction Program Form  <--- click to download PDF Form

What Does Sell Well On eBay <--- click to download PDF

To Learn more about eBay please click on the below

Click here for eBay.ca!


**Please note the above form is in a pdf format, in order to view or print your form you require Adobe Acrobat Reader.  A free copy of Acrobat Reader is available to download at: 

Adobe Acrobat Reader 


Please be advised charitable receipts will be issued for all donations for income tax purposes.

* A donation is not requried to participate in this program. Your donations will help the causes and program of The S.I.G.N. Foundation. 

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